Mary Waldon, LCSW

change therapy, LLC

phone: 847.306.0268  fax:312.488.2622
22 Green Bay Road, Suite 202
Winnetka, IL 60093

Specializing in 

Change-Oriented Psychotherapy

for Teens, Young Adults,

and their Families

Mary Waldon, LCSW specializes in helping teens and their families change their behavior. At her office in Winnetka, IL, Mary works to cultivate effective solutions to challenges that impact school performance, mental health, individual empowerment, and family cohesiveness. Based on her extensive training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Mary takes a skill-development approach that yields results that can be both felt and measured. She focuses on what works to change behavior, improve self-perception, and encourage empowered teens and families.
Mother Daughter Relationships
Effective Communication
School Performance
Self Esteem
Self Efficacy
Self Harm
Behavior Modification

Help for Parents
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